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The Bell Ceremony for Beijing Century Micro-entropy Technology Co., Ltd. listed on the New Third Board was held in Beijing


On May 30, 2016, the bell Ceremony for Beijing Century Micro-entropy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Century Micro- entropy ") listed on the new third board, held in Beijing Financial Street; the center of the national share transfer system for SMEs, micro-entropy century’s chairmen Wen Jianming, general manager Zhou Jianfeng attended the ceremony. 



On January 5, 2016, Century Micro-entropy listed on the new third board on National Equities Exchange and Quotations formally. The securities referred to: the Century micro-entropy, stock code: 835 347. The sponsored listing broker will be Hengtai Securities, the accounting firm will be Ruihua accounting firm; and Beijing Hylands Law Firm will be its law firm.




 National SME share transfer system (commonly known as the "new third board"), is the third national stock exchanges following the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It is highly sought after because it has lots of advantages as directed replenishment, stock transfer, branding and etc, therefore, it becomes bases for many capital investment, and board transfer listing for enterprises.  Beijing Century Micro-entropy Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on a system-wide energy management and optimization technology and products of independent research and development, providing customers with regional energy management cloud platform and Energy-using equipment control optimization solution. While the progressive realization of electrical and mechanical equipment monitoring, metering energy system-wide, intelligent energy management systems, and ultimately achieving large data collection and analysis for different areas ‘different  energy consumption, equipment and environmental information, and finally carry out energy consumption data modeling and analysis;  the company can integrate energy consumption monitoring, diagnosis and integrated control and other functions to show complete and intuitive operation of the energy unit, to achieve synchronization monitoring, energy management and refinement and the system-wide energy optimization.




The company carried out the research and development of energy Internet information platform and industrial energy management platform in 2016. The new platform includes energy Internet portal, energy management platform, project management platform, asset management platform, big data analytics platform and energy and carbon emissions trading platform. It adds such features as 3D integrated information display and management, online configuration, an integrated energy system optimization, energy management for key industrial enterprises, thus providing effective support for the company to enter the industry of energy+ Internet and the industry management platform.


Beijing Century Micro-entropy Technology Co., Ltd. successfully listed the New third board, marking the company's years of operation has been recognized by the capital markets, also marks the Century Micro-entropy enter into a new stage of development. After listed in the new third board, the company will strive to become professional service providers to provide comprehensive energy management based on energy internet, and become the intelligence specialist in energy management of the energy industry under the leadership of the chairman and general manager.