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Legion Holdings Group cooperated with Nanchuan District Government to carry out Docking Activities of Top management on Shan Wangping Tourism Comprehensive Development Project


On August 30, Legions Holdings Group and Chongqing Nanchuan District Government held a symposium on the construction of Shan Wangping Tourism Comprehensive Development Project. Nanchuan District Party Committee Secretary Li Mingqing, Mayor Zhang Xingyi, District People's Congress Chairman Kang Jiqiang, the District People's Political Consultative Conference Chairman Jane Zhiquan, district leaders Wei Mingqi, Zheng Yuanxue, Jiang Jian, Guang Juxiong, and etc. participated in the discussion. Wen Jianming, Chairman of Legions Holdings Group; Yuan Guangxing, General Manager of Chongqing Legion Company and Wang Xin, Vice Chairman of Legion Chongqing Company also attended the discussion. The aim of this discussion was that both sides would reach consensus on accelerating project cooperation.


Legion San Wangping Tourism Comprehensive Development Project will be built as a multi-functional urban cultural complex integrating motor racing, sightseeing, business exhibition, sports leisure, shopping and entertainment, life living, etc. At present, the preparatory work such as project planning is progressing in an orderly manner. Wen Jianming said Legions group will be more scientific, efficient and rigorous to develop and make good use of the valuable resources of San Wangping to ensure that the project will start soon to show the benefits as early as possible, while promoting the economic and social development of Nanchuan through Shan Wangping Tourism Comprehensive Development.


Li Mingqing said the municipal government and the Nanchuan parties are very confident about this project. At the same time, they attach great importance and pay attention to the construction of Legion Shan Wang Ping tourism comprehensive development project. After both sides signing the agreement for this project, Legions Holdings Group will meticulously carry out the pre-work; concentrate in planning and thinking to promote the project construction. With the joint efforts of both sides, the project has made some progress. The district government will continue to create favorable conditions to improve the policy package, optimize the government services to fully support the project development.