. About Legions .Overview
Legions Group, with its predecessor established in 1992, has experienced sustained rapid development in the last 2decades. As an operational platform for its subsidiaries, Legions Group has become one of the most robust diversified companies in China, with its capacity to invest globally.
The Company first engaged in ocean shipping business and since then has developed itself as diversified industrial group, covering real estate development; financial investment and management; Energy and power, resource development, Energy Conservation Science, trade transportation and cultural media, etc. As a large market oriented industrial group, Legion’s reputation and strength are highly recognized by both of its Chinese customers and overseas customers.

Ever since Legion Holding Group was established, it has been embracing the philosophy of “Clients First, Credibility First, and Win-Win Cooperation”. The overall strategy is to address both the domestic and overseas opportunities with a diversified development plan. For the past 20 years, Legions Holding Group has maintained rapid and stable development and is now entering large-scale developmental stage, adopting a global strategic plan with Beijing, Hong Kong and Vancouver as the operational centers as well as managing a number of subsidiaries. Under highly competitive market environment, each of the professional teams is eager to explore new opportunities while some subsidiaries have already established themselves as global leaders in corresponding sectors.